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Details on today’s orders

This morning, the Court issued orders from the Justices’ March 18 Conference, granting certiorari in two cases, inviting the views of the United States in one case, releasing a summary decision in one case, and providing a written statement respecting the denial of certiorari in one case. Today’s full order list is here.



The Court called for the views of the Acting Solicitor General in the following case:


The Court issued a summary per curiam decision in Felkner v. Jackson (found here) , which reverses the decision of the Ninth Circuit in a case involving the alleged use by prosecutors of peremptory challenges to exclude blacks from the jury based upon their race.

Also of note, the Court denied certiorari this morning in Huber v. New Jersey Dept. of Environmental Protection (10-388) with a written statement from Justice Alito respecting the denial.  The statement was joined by Chief Justice Roberts, Justice Scalia, and Justice Thomas.

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