On January 19, in Astra USA, Inc. v. Santa Clara County, the Court will hear oral argument regarding whether federal courts can confer a private right of action for breach of contract on third-party beneficiaries of a government contract when the statute mandating the contract does not contain an express or implied cause of action.  Linda S. Mullenix, the Morris & Rita Chair in Advocacy at the University of Texas School of Law, previews the case for the American Bar Association's PREVIEW of U.S. Supreme Court Cases; the ABA has generously agreed to share some of its previews "“ which are authored by practitioners and scholars in the field "“ with SCOTUSblog.  You can read Professor Mullenix’s preview here; PREVIEW's website is here.

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Recommended Citation: Adam Schlossman, Argument preview: Where a federal statute is silent, do third-party beneficiaries of a government contract have a right to sue?, SCOTUSblog (Jan. 18, 2011, 1:08 PM), https://www.scotusblog.com/2011/01/argument-preview-where-a-federal-statute-is-silent-do-third-party-beneficiaries-of-a-government-contract-have-a-right-to-sue/