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Today’s orders from the October 8 Conference

This morning, the Court issued an order list from last week’s Conference that included grants of certiorari, denials of certiorari, and an invitation for the Acting Solicitor General to file a brief expressing the views of the United States (CVSG), as well as several “GVR” (grant, vacate, and remand) orders.  Our live-blog coverage of the orders is available here; the full order list is here.

Certiorari was granted this morning in the following cases:


The following two cases were consolidated by the Court:







The Court also called for the views of the Acting Solicitor General in the following case:



In addition, the Court has granted the Acting Solicitor General’s request to participate in oral argument in the consolidated cases of Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization v. Winn and Garriott v. Winn.  No argument time is allowed for the tuition organizations, and the time will be divided evenly between the state’s lawyer and the Acting Solicitor General.

The Court also scheduled for oral argument in due course the first exception to the first interim report of the Special Master in 137-Original, Montana v. Wyoming.

Lyle will cover today’s denials of certiorari in a later post.

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