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The week ahead

The Court is in recess for the summer; it is expected to return on October 4 for the first oral argument of October Term 2010.

The schedule of merits briefs due this week follows the jump.

Monday, August 23:

  • Petitioner’s reply in Harrington v. Richter (09-587)

Tuesday, August 24:

  • Petitioner’s brief in Virginia Office of Protection and Advocacy v. Reinhard (09-529)

Wednesday, August 25:

  • Petitioners’ brief in Walker v. Martin (09-996)

Thursday, August 26:

  • Petitioner’s brief in Chase Bank v. McCoy (09-329)

Friday, August 27:

  • Appellants’ brief in Schwarzenegger v. Plata (09-1233)
  • Petitioners’ brief in CIGNA Corp. v. Amara (09-804)
  • Respondent’s brief in Flores-Villar v. United States (09-5801)
  • Respondent’s brief in United States v. Tohono O’odham Nation (09-846)