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Last week on the Wiki

Last week, we updated our sister site, SCOTUSwiki, to include a number of new filings in OT10 merits cases.  New petitioners’ briefs have been added to the case pages for Mayo Foundation v. United States, Cullen v. Pinholster,  and Wall v. Kholi, and we have added new respondents’ briefs to the case pages for Connick v. Thompson, Ortiz v. Jordan, and Ransom v. MBNA, as well as a new reply brief in Snyder v. Phelps.  Meanwhile, we have also added new amicus briefs to the case pages for Williamson v. Mazda Motor, Sossamon v. Texas, NASA v. Nelson, Connick v. Thompson, AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion, and Arizona Christian School Tuition Org. v. Winn/Garriott v. Winn.