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This week on the Wiki

With the Court in recess since Monday, this week has been a relatively slow one at our sister site, SCOTUSwiki.  Aside from continuing speculation over the nomination of a successor to Justice Stevens, the main Supreme Court news this week is the two opinions handed down on Monday in Renico v. Lett and Hui v. Castaneda.  To the case pages for both cases, we have added links to the opinions, as well as recaps by Stanford Law School’s Alex Harris (for Renico) and Masha Hansford (Hui).  (We have also updated the case page for Perdue v. Kenny A., which was decided a few weeks ago, to include commentary by Akin Gump’s Scott Street.)

We have also updated the pages in two cases scheduled for oral argument next Term.  To the case page for Abbott v. United States/Gould v. United States, we have added briefs for both petitioners and one amicus brief, while the case page for Michigan v. Bryant now includes links to new amicus briefs as well.

Finally, we have continued to update existing case pages to include links to media and blogosphere coverage of issues before the Court.  Although the media focused overwhelmingly this week on the imminent nomination of a new Justice, several news sources covered the Court’s decision in Hui, and we have updated that case page accordingly.