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This week on the Wiki

The Court handed down four new opinions earlier this week, and we’ve updated our sister site, SCOTUSwiki, to include new materials on the cases that were decided.  The case page for United States v. Stevens, in which the Court handed down its opinion on Tuesday, now includes a link to the ruling, as well as analysis by SCOTUSblog’s Lyle Denniston.  Three cases were decided on Wednesday – Jerman v. Carlisle, Perdue v. Kenny A., and Conkright v. Frommert – and those case pages now include links to the opinions. [DISCLOSURE: Howe & Russell represented the petitioner in Jerman.]  The page for Perdue now includes Lyle’s analysis, and we will soon update the Jerman and Conkright pages to include opinion recaps.

We have also added new materials to the Wiki pages for the cases argued Tuesday and Wednesday.  The page for Dolan v. United States now includes an argument transcript and will soon be updated to include a recap of the proceedings, and we have also added an argument transcript to the case page for Krupski v. Costa Crociere. 

This week, reply briefs were filed in all of the cases scheduled for oral argument in the coming days.  As a result, we have added links to reply briefs to the case pages for Doe v. Reed, Rent-a-Center v. Jackson, and Hardt v. Reliance Standard Life Insurance Co., while the case page for Monsanto v. Geerson Seed Farms now includes links to two reply briefs, one for the petitioners and one for the federal respondents.

As we do every week, we have continued to update individual case pages to reflect new media and blogosphere coverage of particular cases.  Not surprisingly, following the Court’s Tuesday ruling, United States v. Stevens received an overwhelming amount of media attention this week.