The Court has returned Kiyemba v. Obama (08-1234) to the D.C. Circuit to determine what further proceedings in that court, or in the district court, are necessary and appropriate for disposition of the case “in light of the new developments.”  The critical new development is that each of the seven petitioners in the case, Chinese Uighurs challenging their detention at the military base in Guantanamo Bay, has now received at least one offer of resettlement by another country.

One petition is granted, Michigan v. Bryant.  Its briefs are below.

Docket: 09-150
Issue: Whether preliminary inquiries of a wounded citizen concerning the perpetrator and circumstances of the shooting are nontestimonial because they were "made under circumstances objectively indicating that the primary purpose of the interrogation is to enable police assistance to meet an ongoing emergency," including not only aid to a wounded victim, but also the prompt identification and apprehension of an apparently violent and dangerous individual?

The full order list is here.

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