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The week ahead

The Court will issue orders this morning at ten o’clock.  Opinions are expected on both Tuesday and Wednesday, and we will “live” blog their release on both days.

This week the Court will hear oral argument in the following cases:

Monday, March 29:

Tuesday, March 30:

  • Dillon v. United States (09-6338) — authority of federal judges, in setting a new prison sentence, to go below Guideline range
  • Barber v. Thomas (09-5201) — definition of federal law on “good time credits” for federal inmates

Wednesday, March 31:

  • Carachuri-Rosendo v. Holder (09-60) — challenge to deportation of resident alien for multiple convictions for drug possession, if there is no repeat offender charge
  • Robertson v. U.S. ex rel. Watson (08-6261) — right of private individual to pursue criminal prosecution for contempt of D.C. local court

The justices will hold a private conference Friday; we will post our list of Petitions to Watch for that conference soon.

Finally, the respondents’ brief is due today in Monsanto Company v. Geertson Seed Farms (09-475).  To our knowledge, no other merits briefs are due this week.