Orders are expected this morning at 10.  Opinions are expected tomorrow but not on Wednesday.  The Court will also hear oral argument this week in the following cases:

Monday, March 22:

  • Hamilton, Chapter 13 Trustee v. Lanning (08-998) "” the formula for how much a debtor has available to pay creditors who hold no security [Disclosure: Akin Gump and Howe & Russell represent the respondent.]
  • Levin, Tax Commissioner of Ohio v. Commerce Energy, Inc. (09-223) "” lawsuits in federal court that could intrude on state tax systems

Tuesday, March 23:

  • New Process Steel v. National Labor Relations Board (08-1457) "” the National Relations Board quorum

Wednesday, March 24:

  • Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha v. Regal-Beloit Corporation; Union Pacific Railroad Company v. Regal-Beloit Corporation (08-1553; 08-1554) "” application of federal law to terms of shipment agreements between cargo carriers and their customers
  • Magwood v. Culliver (09-198) "” successive habeas claims

The Justices meet this Friday for a private conference to consider petitions for certiorari and motions in pending cases.

Finally, reply briefs are due Thursday in Dolan v. United States (09-367); they are due Friday in Hardt v. Reliance Standard Life Insurance Co. (09-448), Rent-A-Center v. Jackson (09-497), Doe v. Reed (09-559), and Krupski v. Costa Crociere (09-337).

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