Last Friday, I spoke with David Cecelski — an independent historian and author of Along Freedom Road: Hyde County, North Carolina, and the Fate of Black Schools in the South — about the unexpected impact of Brown v. Board of Education on African-American education and educational traditions in the South.  This is the latest edition in our Race and the Court program.

Here is the link to the eighteen-minute podcast and a road map of highlights:

  • 1:11"”A brief overview of school desegregation, Brown, and the fate of African-American schools in the South.
  • 4:22"”A description of African-American educational traditions and how they were affected by integration.
  • 7:44"” School integration and its impact on teachers and principals from African-American schools.
  • 9:00"”A return to Plessy: In the aftermath of Brown, several states resisted the decision by re-investing in “separate but equal.”
  • 11:56"”Could the destruction of African-American schools have been predicted or avoided?
  • 14:22–The role of HEW (the Department of Health, Education and Welfare) in integration.
  • 16:17"”Moving forward, what more can we learn about the short- and long-term impact of Brown on African-American education?

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