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The week ahead

Orders and opinions are expected this morning at 10 a.m.  The Court is in recess afterward until February 19, when the next private conference will be held.

Below the jump is the schedule of merits briefs due next week.

Monday, Jan. 25:

  • Skilling v. United States (08-1394) – respondent’s brief
  • Health Care Service Corp. v. Pollitt (09-38) – respondent’s brief

Wednesday, Jan. 27:

  • Hamilton, Chapter 13 Trustee v. Lanning (08-998) – respondent’s brief

Thursday, Jan. 28:

  • Christian Legal Society v. Martinez (08-1371) – petitioner’s brief

Friday, Jan. 29:

  • Levin, Tax Commissioner of Ohio v. Commerce Energy, Inc. (09-223)- respondent’s brief