The Supreme Court on Monday released the schedule of oral arguments for the session beginning Monday, March 22.  The new detainee case, Kiyemba v. Obama (08-1234), is set to be heard on Tuesday, March 23, at 10 a.m.  The calendar shows only morning sessions, beginning at 10, during this sitting.

The schedule, with a brief summary of the issues at stake, is listed after the jump.

Day-by-day schedule:

Mon., March 22:

Hamilton v. Lanning (08-998) — formula for bankruptcy courts in deciding future income of debtor filing under Chapter 13

Levin v. Commerce Energy Inc. (09-223) — federal court authority to rule on challenges to state taxes

Tues., March 23:

Kiyemba v. Obama (08-1234) — federal judges’ power to order release of Guantanamo Bay detainees, especially release into the U.S.

New Process Steel v. National Labor Relations Board (08-1457) — authority of NLRB to make decisions with only two members participating

Wed., March 24:

Kawasaki Kisen Kaisha v. Regal-Beloit (08-1553) and Union Pacific RR v. Regal-Beloit (08-1554) — terms for cargo shipment on one document for all legs of multi-modal transport (Consolidated for one hour of argument)

Magwood v. Culliver (09-158) — state prisoner’s right to challenge new sentence in federal habeas after winning a new sentencing

Mon., March 29:

Morrison v. National Australia Bank (08-1191) — application of U.S. securities fraud law to trans-national securities dealings

Renico v. Lett (09-338) — constitutionality of re-trial after a trial judge finds a jury deadlocked and declares a mistrial

Tues., March 30:

Dillon v. U.S. (09-6338) — authority of federal judges, in setting a new prison sentence, to go below Guideline range minimum

Barber v. Thomas (09-5201) — definition of federal law on “good-time credits” for federal prison inmates

Wed., March 31:

Carachuri-Rosendo v. Holder (09-60) — challenge to deportation of resident alien for multiple convictions for drug possession, if there is no repeat-offender charge

Robertson v. U.S. ex rel. Watson (08-6261) — right of private individual to pursue criminal prosecution for contempt of District of Columbia local court

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