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Order on petition signers issue

UPDATE Thursday p.m.  The Ninth Circuit Court on Thursday released an opinion explaining  its ruling — the one that is at issue in this case –  that would allow state officials to release the identities of the Refernedum 71 petition signers.  (Thanks to Howard Bashman of How Appealing blog for the alert and the link.)


Over one Justice’s dissent, the Supreme Court on Tuesday afternoon blocked officials in Washington State from publicly disclosing the names and addresses of individuals who signed petitions seeking a voter referendum on a new gay rights law.  The disclosure will remain blocked until the Supreme Court can act on a coming appeal by sponsors of the referendum, known as Referendum 71.  The practical effect is that the ballot measure will go before the state’s voters on Nov. 3 without revelations of who signed the petitions to put it on the ballot.  (A post on Monday discussing this dispute can be read here.)