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Tomorrow: Live Opinion Coverage

In preparation for what we expect to be a large spike in readership for the final opinion days of the Term and our LiveBlogging of them, tomorrow morning we’ll be making a few tweaks to the home page to speed up performance. We’ll be greatly reducing the number of posts appearing on each page and many features on the far right sidebar will also be removed to lessen the load on our servers. Moreover, please remember that with our new LiveBlogging interface, you won’t need to refresh your browser tomorrow to get the latest developments: the updates in the LiveBlog will appear in real-time, literally the minute each opinion is released publicly. We’ll also continue to post links within the LiveBlog to the full versions of the opinions as soon as we receive electronic copies. The LiveBlog will begin at 9:45 am eastern tomorrow, with the Court’s public session beginning at 10 am sharp. We expect the first opinion to be released almost immediately after the opening of the session.

With these changes, we expect our site to be able to handle the intense traffic we’ll get over the next two days, but please do send an email to if you are experiencing any problems accessing the site or viewing the LiveBlog. Otherwise, sit back in front of your browser, watch the updates as they come in, and enjoy the action during the final days of the Term!