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Index to SCOTUSblog’s Heller Coverage

Here’s a quick guide to recent coverage of the argument in the “DC Guns” case, DC v. Heller:

Oral argument took place today from roughly 10:10 to 11:45 am eastern.   The audio feed from C-SPAN is available here, our LiveBlog of that audio feed is available here, and the official transcript is here.  Lyle’s analysis of the oral argument, called “Defining a Right of Self-defense,” is here.

We also had two Round-Ups with this morning’s news and commentary from around the web, which can be found here and here.   A post-argument Round-Up is here.

Last night we posted two “Views from Cambridge” on this case.  Here are the thoughts of Professor Charles Fried, and here are the thoughts of Professor Laurence Tribe.  Both teach at Harvard Law School.  And, as always, the SCOTUSwiki page here contains additional commentary on the case, links to other sites from around the web, and downloadable versions of all cert. and merits stage briefs.