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April arguments, day by day

The Supreme Court today released the argument calendar for its April sitting, beginning Monday, April 14. (The calendar is available here.) The Justices scheduled Kennedy v. Louisiana (07-343), involving the constitutionality of Louisiana’s death penalty law for child rape, for argument on April 16.

Below is the full schedule, with brief descriptions of the issues involved:

Monday, April 14

No. 07-411, Plains Commerce Bank v. Long Family Land & Cattle (on tribal courts’ authority to resolve certain civil suits)

No. 07-210, Bridge v. Phoenix Bond & Indemnity (on causation requirements for civil RICO actions)

Tuesday, April 15

No. 07-330, Greenlaw v. United States (on circuits courts’ power to enhance criminal sentences sua sponte)

No. 06-7517, Irizarry v. United States (on notice to parties before departing from sentencing guidelines)

Wednesday, April 16

No. 07-343: Kennedy v. Louisiana (on the constitutionality of the death penalty for child rape)

No. 07-371, Taylor v. Sturgell (on res judicata and the theory of “virtual representation”)

Monday, April 21

No. 07-552, Sprint Communications v. APCC Services (on standing to sue of plaintiffs assigned rights to pursue legal claims)

No. 07-474, Engquist v. Oregon Dept. of Agriculture (on “class of one” equal protection theory in public employment)

Tuesday, April 22

No. 07-320, Davis v. FEC (on constitutionality of the “Millionaire’s Amendment” to campaign finance laws)

No. 07-6053, Giles v. California (on Confrontation Clause rights against witnesses the defendant himself has made unavailable for trial)

Wednesday, April 23

No. 06-923, MetLife v. Glenn (on conflicts of interest for ERISA administrators)

No. 06-1505, Meacham v. Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory (on the burden of persuasion under the ADEA)