The Supreme Court today released the argument calendar for its April sitting, beginning Monday, April 14. (The calendar is available here.) The Justices scheduled Kennedy v. Louisiana (07-343), involving the constitutionality of Louisiana’s death penalty law for child rape, for argument on April 16.

Below is the full schedule, with brief descriptions of the issues involved:

Monday, April 14

No. 07-411, Plains Commerce Bank v. Long Family Land & Cattle (on tribal courts’ authority to resolve certain civil suits)

No. 07-210, Bridge v. Phoenix Bond & Indemnity (on causation requirements for civil RICO actions)

Tuesday, April 15

No. 07-330, Greenlaw v. United States (on circuits courts’ power to enhance criminal sentences sua sponte)

No. 06-7517, Irizarry v. United States (on notice to parties before departing from sentencing guidelines)

Wednesday, April 16

No. 07-343: Kennedy v. Louisiana (on the constitutionality of the death penalty for child rape)

No. 07-371, Taylor v. Sturgell (on res judicata and the theory of “virtual representation”)

Monday, April 21

No. 07-552, Sprint Communications v. APCC Services (on standing to sue of plaintiffs assigned rights to pursue legal claims)

No. 07-474, Engquist v. Oregon Dept. of Agriculture (on “class of one” equal protection theory in public employment)

Tuesday, April 22

No. 07-320, Davis v. FEC (on constitutionality of the “Millionaire’s Amendment” to campaign finance laws)

No. 07-6053, Giles v. California (on Confrontation Clause rights against witnesses the defendant himself has made unavailable for trial)

Wednesday, April 23

No. 06-923, MetLife v. Glenn (on conflicts of interest for ERISA administrators)

No. 06-1505, Meacham v. Knolls Atomic Power Laboratory (on the burden of persuasion under the ADEA)

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