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Court permits late amicus filings in Stoneridge

In an order released this afternoon, the Court permitted three former members of the Securities and Exchange Commission, as well the chairmen of two House committees, to file late amicus briefs in support of the petitioner in Stoneridge Investment v. Scientific-Atlanta, et al. (06-43). The order can be found here.

To read the brief submitted by former SEC chairmen William H. Donaldson and Arthur Levitt Jr. and former SEC member Harvey J. Goldschmid, click here. To read the brief offered by Democratic Reps. John Conyers, Jr., of Michigan (Judiciary Committee) and Barney Frank of Massachusetts (Financial Services Committee), click here.

The original deadline to file amicus briefs in support of the petitioner was June 11. For prior coverage of the late amicus filings, as well a further description of the case, click here.

With the two new filings permitted today, 30 total amicus briefs now have been filed with the Court in Stoneridge — 15 for the petitioner and 15 for the respondent.