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In an interview with Jeffrey Rosen of The New Republic, Justice Breyer “made no bones about his disappointment with the divisions on the Court” but was cautiously hopeful that the polarization might subside after the new judges gained more experience. Parts of the interview and Rosen’s commentary on it can be read online, here. Also on their site is this editorial strongly criticizing Chief Justice Roberts for, as Justice Scalia put it, “judicial obfuscation.”

In Business Week, this article discusses the Supreme Court’s business friendly turn, as evidenced by business’s “important victories in areas ranging from antitrust and banking to shareholder suits and punitive damages.” For another take on it, today’s Charlotte Observer includes this opinion piece by Joseph Thai, in which he argues that this term, by favoring big business, “the Court has made it dramatically more difficult, if not impossible, for ordinary Americans to have their day in Court.”

Judith E. Shaeffer had these criticisms of the Ledbetter ruling. A New York Times article, here, discusses the democratic effort in Congress to introduce legislation that would counteract the Ledbetter decision.

Here, The Register discusses the effects that the infamous “Bong Hits 4 Jesus” case and another similar case just decided by the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals that dealt with a school suspending a student for his AIM icon had on student speech.

Paul Mirengoff has these comments on Tom’s Court nominee predictions post yesterday.