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In the New York Times, Neil A. Lewis’s article, here, discusses Justice Thomas’s position as a “critic of integration” and Thomas’s own experiences in the American educational system. Also in the Times, Adam Cohen writes of against “the conservative activism that is taking hold of the Court” here, and Jeff Rosen had this article on the effects that further rulings by the Court might have on future elections.

The columnists in this Seattle Times piece highlight the fact that a majority of judges in the school integration cases acknowledged a strong government interest in “remedying racial isolation,” and they call upon the public and policymakers not to “overlook the opportunities” this acknowledgement opens up.

Joseph Goldstein at the New York Sun has this portrait of one New York judge, Jack B. Weinstein, who, after being involved in research for Brown v. Board of Education, went on to be a staunch advocate of the decision in his own court and, Goldstein reports, is unlikely to be swayed by the Court’s recent “reinterpretation” of Brown.

In the wake of the Court’s agreement on Friday to hear the Guantanamo Bay detainees’ appeals, this editorial in the LA Times discusses the reversal and calls on the Supreme Court and Congress to provide suspected terrorists with “a meaningful opportunity to assert their innocence.”