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Supplemental Briefs in CVSG Cases

UPDATED 1:05 pm: Two weeks ago I had this post regarding the invitation briefs filed by the Solicitor General in (among others) Nos. 05-1645, Wallace v. Calogero, & No. 06-11, Leclerc v. Webb, No. 06-830, Joblove v. Barr Labs, and No. 06-179, Riegel v. Medtronic. In response to the government’s recommendation that cert. be denied in each of the cases, the petitioners in Wallace, Leclerc, Joblove, and Riegel have recently filed supplemental briefs urging the Court to grant cert. notwithstanding the government’s recommendation.

The cases are scheduled to be considered by the Court at its June 21 conference; the Court will likely announce whether it will grant review on Monday, June 25.