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Today, Joan Biskupic, Michael Carvin and Jonathan Turley discussed the major cases closing out the Term in this audio segment on The Diane Rehm Show on WAMU. Dahlia Lithwick and Walter Dellinger continue their Supreme Court Conversation about liberal frustration with the Roberts Court here at Slate. This editorial in today’s Washington Times applauds the “conservative jurisprudence” demonstrated by Monday’s rulings. Mark Sherman of the Associated Press reports here on the High Court’s move to the right, exhibited by the 5-4 decisions. Blake Wilson gathers blog coverage of Monday’s decisions here at Slate.

Guest blogger Steven K. Green weighs in here at the ACSBlog on the significance of Hein and its impact on Flast; Andy Seigel weighs in here at PrawfsBlawg. Charles Lane of the Washington Post has this article on Justice Stevens’s dissent in Bong Hits 4 Jesus and his historic view comparing the marijuana ban to his memories of Prohibition; the Post also ran this editorial discussing the fractured decision. In today’s Wall Street Journal, Professor Bradley Smith has this commentary (subscription req’d) on campaign finance reform and the WRTL decision.

At Volokh Conspiracy, Ilya Somin has this reaction to the Wilkie decision, which he fears suggests that “there is no remedy for property owners seeking to protect themselves against government retaliation for the exercise of their constitutional property rights”; Jonathan Adler has this analysisof the majority opinion and dissents and these thoughts on Wilkie and the “War on the West”; Somin follows up here. Adler also discusses NAHB v. Defenders of Wildlife here.

At the Washington Wire Blog, Supreme Court Correspondent Jess Bravin has this post on the Chief Justice’s upcoming remarks at the Fourth Circuit Judicial Conference on Saturday, which will air live on C-Span at 9:30am.