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The final ten decisions

With perhaps less than a week remaining in the Supreme Court’s Term, the Justices are expected to decide all of the remaining cases on one or more decision days next week. As usual, the Court is expected to issue orders on Monday. While there is no official word on opinions that day, it would be a surprise if there were none. At the end of the Monday session, the Court may announce other decision days. End-of-the-week adjournment is a target, but not a fixed commitment.

Here are the remaining cases to be decided, listed according to docket number, with a brief description of the issue:

04-1170 Kansas v. Marsh (constitutionality of a death penalty law that requires death if plus and minor factors are in balance) (re-argued case)
04-1528 (and two companion cases) — Randall v. Sorrell (constitutionality of state ceilings on campaign expenditures)
04-1739 Beard v. Banks (right of dangerous prison inmates to have access to newspapers, magazines and photographs)
04-10566 (and a companion case) — Sanchez-Llamas v. Oregon (state court duty to obey World Court ruling on arrested foreign nationals’ access to consular officer)
05-18 Arlington School District v. Murphy (parents’ right to recover fees for expert witness in disabled child education case)
05-83 Washington v. Recuenco (harmless error analysis for error in sentence enhancement)
05-184 Hamdan v. Rumsfeld (Supreme Court power to decide constitutionality of war-on-terrorism war crimes tribunals, and the merits of that constitutional question)
05-204 (and three companion cases) — League of United Latin American Citizens v. Perry (validity of Texas congressional redistricting plan)
05-352 U.S. v. Gonzalez-Lopez (remedy for denial of access to counsel of choice in a criminal case)
05-5966 Clark v. Arizona (right to make an insanity defense to disprove criminal intent)