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Hearing dates, February-March sitting

The Supreme Court on Monday released the hearing dates for the February-March sitting. Here is the schedule, day by day:

Mon., Feb. 20
Holiday; no arguments.

Tue., Feb. 21
Rapanos v. U.S. and Carabell v. Corps of Engineers (04-1034 and 04-1384), consolidated for one hour and 20-minute hearing – Application of Clean Water Act to wetlands
S.D. Warren Co. v. Maine Board (04-1527) – Clean Water Act application to withdrawal of river water as “discharge”

Wed., Feb. 22
Samson v. California (04-9728) – Police authority to make warrantless search of parolee
Holmes v. South Carolina (04-1327) – Admission of third-party guilt evidence

Mon., Feb. 27
Arkansas Dept. of HHS v. Ahlborn (04-1506) – State right to Medicaid reimbursement
Day v. Crosby (04-1324) – Scope of one-year habeas filing deadline

Tue., Feb. 28
Randall v. Sorrell and Vermont Republican v. Sorrell and Sorrell v. Randall (04-1528, 04-1530 and 04-1697), consolidated for one hour hearing – State authority to restrict campaign spending and contributions
Marshall v. Marshall (04-1544) – Federal court jurisdiction over probate case

Wed., March 1
DaimlerChrysler v. Cuno and Wilkins v. Cuno (04-1704 and 04-1724), consolidated for one hour hearing – Constitutionality of investment tax credit to spur economic development
Northern Insurance Co. of NY v. Chatham County (04-1618) – Challenge to sovereign immunity of county to admiralty lawsuit.