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Blog Round-up – Tuesday, September 27th

Here is Rick Hasen on the Court’s decision this morning to grant cert in two campaign finance cases. Election Law Blog discusses the cases further here.

The First Amendment Center has posted this article by Tony Mauro on the First Amendment cases on the fall docket.

Here is a live blog of a debate on Kelo between Professors Thomas Merrill and Nicole Garnett.

Sentencing Law & Policy has this post on Attorney General Gonzales’ support for a legislative response to Booker.


Tax Prof Blog has this post on the Court’s decision to grant cert in Cuno v. DaimlerChrysler.

Here is the Volokh Conspiracy on the Court’s decision to consider the constitutionality of anticipatory search warrants, granting certiorari to review the Ninth Circuit’s 2004 decision in United States v. Grubbs.