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Sunday, May 15: Blog Round-Up

Doug Kendall, Executive Director of the Community Rights Counsel has this piece up on ACS Blog on Bates v. Dow.

Legal Theory has a book review for “Crafting Law on the Supreme Court: The Collegial Game” by Forrest Maltzman, James F. Spriggs II and Paul J. Wahlbeck.

Randy Barnett has this piece on Brown v. Board of Education up on the Volokh Conspiracy. Balkinization also discusses Brown and Originalism here.

Sam Heldman talks about his cert petition in Martin v. Franklin Capital Corporation, asking the Court to resolve what legal standard governs the decision whether to award fees and expenses under 28 U.S.C. § 1447(c) upon remanding a removed case to state court.

Underneath Their Robes has this commentary on Justice Thomas and his OT 2005 clerks.