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Blog Round-up – Thursday, May 19

Underneath Their Robes has this commentary on Justice Ginsburg’s OT 2005 clerks.

Douglas Berman has this piece up on the constitutionality of lethal injection protocols.

And for those interested in the wine cases (Granholm v. Heald, No. 03-1116; Michigan Beer & Wine Wholesalers Association v. Heald, No. 03-1120; and Swedenburg v. Kelly, No. 03-1274):

The Volokh Conspiracy has a lengthy exchange on the cases. It ends with this piece titled “Justice Stevens, Originalism and the Wine Opinion” by Orin Kerr and starts with this one by Todd Zywicki.

Here is Stephen Bainbridge’s take on the cases.

Here is the ACS Blog post, titled “Majority in Wine Shipment Case a Rare Blend.”

Economic Trends gives us the policy perspective here.

And finally, here is The Jurist on the decision.