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Today’s News – Thursday, March 3, 2005

News on oral arguments, heard yesterday, in Van Orden v. Perry and McCreary County v. ACLU:
Michael Gawenda of The Sydney Herald;
Jan Crawford Greenburg of The Chicago Tribune;
Linda Greenhouse of The New York Times;
Stephen Henderson of Knight Ridder Newspapers;
Charles Lane of The Washington Post;
Dahlia Lithwick of Slate;
Tony Mauro of Legal Times;
Michael McGough of The Pittsburgh Post Gazette;
Charlie Savage of The Boston Globe;
David G. Savage of The L.A. Times;
Guy Taylor of The Washington Times;
James Vicini of Reuters;
Karla Ward of The Herald-Leader;
Hope Yen of the AP in The Boston Globe;
this Recycled article on Slate; and
this editorial piece in The Washington Post.

News on the Court’s opinion, issued yesterday, in Tenet v. Doe:
Linda Greenhouse of The New York Times;
Charles Lane of The Washington Post;
Nina Totenberg of NPR; and
Henry Weinstein of The L.A. Times.

News on the Court’s opinion in Roper v. Simmons:
Robert Crowe of The Houston Chronicle;
Edward Lazarus has this essay on;
Thomas Oliphant has this editorial piece in The Boston Globe;
Debra Saunders of The San Francisco Chronicle;
Mike Tolson of The Houston Chronicle;
Allan Turner of The Houston Chronicle;
The New York Times has these Letters to the Editor;
The San Francisco Chronicle has this editorial piece;
The Seattle Times has this editorial piece; and
The Christian Science Monitor has this The Monitor’s View.

Legal Affairs’ Debate Club has former Supreme Court clerks offering different views on the Chief Justice’s legacy.