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Today’s News – Tuesday, Feb. 22, 2005

News on today’s oral arguments in Kelo v. City of New London:
Matt Apuzzo in Cincinnati’s The Enquirer;
Tim Dowling has this op-ed in Legal Times (subscription required);
Paul Farmer has this opinion piece in USAToday;
Martin Garbus has this op-ed in The L.A. Times, which also discusses today’s oral arguments in Lingle v. Chevron;
Stephen Henderson of Knight Ridder;
Bill Mears of CNN;
Warren Richey of The Christian Science Monitor;
David Savage of The L.A. Times;
Paul H.B. Shin of New York Daily News;
Nina Totenberg of NPR;
Pete Yost in The Boston Globe; and
this USAToday opinion piece.

Neil A. Lewis and Linda Greenhouse of The New York Times have this article on recent speculation surrounding Chief Justice Rehnquist’s retirement.

Tony Mauro of Legal Times has this article on the possibility of Judge John Roberts of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit becoming a Supreme Court Justice.

Sylvia Moreno of The Washington Post has this article on Thomas Van Orden, petitioner in Van Orden v. Perry, which will be argued on March 2.

Here is The Washington Post’s Supreme Court Calendar for today’s oral arguments.

The Chicago Tribune has this article on unanswered questions surrounding Chief Justice Rehnquist’s health.

News on today’s grant in No. 04-623, Gonzalez v. Oregon:
Greg Stohr of Bloomberg;
James Vicini of Reuters; and
The AP’s Hope Yen in The Washington Post.