• In his column for The Atlantic, Garrett Epps suggests that if the Court’s more conservative Justices follow the Court’s precedent, “Hobby Lobby and the other challengers don’t even get out of the starting gate.”  He argues that “[t]he Burger, Rehnquist, and Roberts Courts have all been clear: These plaintiffs have not suffered any injury worthy of redress under the Constitution.”
  • In her column for The New York Times, Linda Greenhouse remembers Yale political scientist Robert Dahl, who died recently at the age of ninety-eight; Dahl’s work focused on the Court as a political institution.
  • Yesterday the Washington Legal Foundation hosted “Halftime at the High Court,” a panel that reviewed the current Term at its midpoint.  Video of the panel is available here.
  • In his series for ISCOTUSnow, Christopher Schmidt examines oral arguments in New York Times v. Sullivan; in the following installment, Schmidt focuses on the late Chief Justice Earl Warren’s discussion of the hate mail that he received in the wake of some of the Warren Court’s controversial rulings.

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Recommended Citation: Amy Howe, Thursday round-up, SCOTUSblog (Feb. 20, 2014, 7:52 AM),