Memorial Day is Monday; both the Court and SCOTUSblog will be on holiday.

There are no more oral arguments scheduled for this Term.

We expect the Court to issue orders from its May 26 Conference, as well as one or more opinions, on Tuesday. Our list of "Petitions to Watch" for that Conference is here. The list of cases that have not yet been decided is here. Two of the oldest outstanding cases, Chamber of Commerce v. Whiting and Brown v. Plata, were decided last week, leaving Janus Capital v. First Derivative Traders as the only undecided case from the December sitting. Brown v. Entertainment Merchants Association and Flores-Villar v. United States, both argued in November, are still undecided as well. In his "Tea leaves" post last week, Marty Lederman speculated on which Justices are likely to be writing which opinions in the oldest outstanding cases.

The Court will meet for another Conference this Thursday, June 2. Our list of "Petitions to Watch" for that Conference will be available soon.

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