On Monday, the Court may issue one or more opinions in pending cases, as well as release the remaining orders from the Justices’ private conference last Friday. Following Monday, no oral arguments are scheduled and no non-capital orders are expected to be issued until at least January 9.

Merits briefs for petitioners are due Monday in Flores-Figueroa v. United States (08-108), Thursday in Atlantic Sounding Co., Inc., et al. v. Townsend (08-214), and Friday in Nken v. Mukasey (08-681). Merits briefs for respondents are due Monday in Montejo v. Louisiana (07-1529) and Wednesday in Kansas v. Ventris (07-1356), Burlington Northern and Santa Fe Railway Company, et al. v. United States; Shell Oil Company v. United States (07-1601; 07-1607), Puckett v. United States (07-9712), Corley v. United States (07-10441), and Vermont v. Brillon (08-88). (Links above direct to case pages on SCOTUSwiki.)

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