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Argument previews and analyses, opinion analyses, posts with links to argument transcripts and audio, and other news relating to cases granted for either the current term’s docket or next term’s docket

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06.02.20 Opinion analysis: Justices reject limitations on enforcement of arbitration agreements by nonsignatory businesses
06.01.20 Opinion analysis: Federal courts can review factual findings of a Convention Against Torture claim raised as a defense to crime-based removal
06.01.20 Opinion analysis: Supreme Court protects defined-benefit plan fiduciaries from lawsuits
06.01.20 Opinion analysis: After a long wait, a unanimous court upholds Puerto Rico oversight board
05.18.20 Opinion analysis: Unanimous ruling for plaintiffs on punitive damages for embassy bombings
05.15.20 Now available on Oyez: This week’s oral argument audio aligned with the transcripts
05.14.20 Opinion analysis: Court unanimously reverses 2nd Circuit on “defense preclusion,” but on very narrow grounds
05.13.20 Argument analysis: In a close case, concerns about chaos from “faithless electors”
05.12.20 Argument analysis: A marathon debate, and no clear winners, in debate over Trump tax returns
05.12.20 Argument analysis: For the second time in two terms, justices consider reservation status of eastern Oklahoma
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