Leah Litman Guest

Leah Litman is an assistant professor at the University of California, Irvine School of Law.

Date Post Title
02.26.20 Opinion analysis: ACCA-Agreement (or ACCA-greement)
01.21.20 Argument analysis: Another ACCA rabbit hole?
01.14.20 Argument preview: Category is: the categorical approach
06.24.19 Opinion analysis: Vagueness doctrine as a shield for criminal defendants
04.17.19 Argument analysis: “The last Johnson domino to fall”?
04.10.19 Argument preview: Who’s afraid of the categorical approach?
06.29.18 Tribute: Justice Kennedy’s counter-clerks
05.23.18 Justice delayed or justice denied?
07.11.17 Symposium: The mootness games
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