SCOTUSblog's list of petitions with a "reasonable" chance of being granted
 Conference of 5/31

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Counsel of Record
Certiorari To
Summary of QP
Granite State Outdoor Advertising v. Ft. Lauderdale
Adam Webb
The Webb Law Group                  

Whether overbreadth standing no longer operates to allow an applicant for a sign to facially challenge the lack of procedural safeguards in a sign permitting regulation.

Teck Cominco Metals v. Pakootas                                              
Ted Olson
Gibson Dunn              

Whether CERCLA (and, by extension, other American environmental laws) can be applied unilaterally to penalize the actions of a foreign company in a foreign country undertaken in accordance with that country's laws. (Also available: Pakootas BIO, Wash. BIO, Reply)

Federal Express v. Holowecki
R. Jeffrey Kelsey
FedEx Legal Dept.
Whether the "intake questionnaire" submitted to the EEOC may suffice for the charge of discrimination that must be submitted pursuant to the Age Discrimination in Employment Act, even in the absence of evidence that the EEOC treated the form as a charge or the employee submitting the questionnaire reasonably believed it constituted a charge. (Also available: BIO)