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Wednesday round-up


  • At The National Law Review, Brian Pierson notes that “[t]ribes scored major victories” at the Supreme Court this term, and he looks at two Indian law “cases the Court chose not to decide.”
  • In the Kitsap Bar Report, Jeff Tolman reminisces about a five-day visit by the late Justice John Paul Stevens and the justice’s wife Maryan to the small town of Poulsbo, Washington.
  • At The Daily Signal, David Breemer explains why the Supreme Court was right to overrule precedent in Knick v. Township of Scott, Pennsylvania, which held that property owners are no longer required to follow state compensation procedures before bringing federal takings claims under the Constitution; he argues that “[t]he concept of respecting past precedent is designed to ensure stability in the law, and that is laudable[, b]ut it was never meant to function as an insurmountable barrier to correcting past judicial mistakes.”

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