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Friday round-up


  • NPR’s Throughline podcast looks at “segregation in Detroit public schools and the impact of a Supreme Court case that went far beyond that city” — Milliken v. Bradley, decided 45 years ago this week, which limited courts’ ability to order cross-district busing as a remedy.
  • At his eponymous blog, Sheldon Nahmod maintains that Knick v. Township of Scott, Pennsylvania, in which the justices overruled a precedent that required property owners to follow state compensation procedures before bringing federal takings claim under the Constitution, “is a game-changer and will likely bring about a revolution in takings litigation.”
  • At National Review, Jason Richwine observes that Justice Brett Kavanaugh “has hardly been an outlier or a rabble-rouser” during his first term on the Supreme Court.

  • Also at National Review, John McCormack writes that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg “spent the week making public appearances and pointedly insisting that she isn’t going anywhere.”
  • According to Nicholas Geranios at AP, Justice Elena Kagan said yesterday at a Washington state judicial conference that “Supreme Court justices are aware of how decisions made along partisan lines can damage the credibility of the institution.”

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