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This week at the court

This week the Supreme Court released opinions in 13 argued cases from October Term 2017.

On Monday the justices announced decisions in Rosales-Mireles v. United States, Chavez-Meza v. United States, Lozman v. Riviera Beach, Gill v. Whitford and Benisek v. Lamone.

On Thursday the justices announced decisions in Lucia v. Securities and Exchange CommissionSouth Dakota v. Wayfair Inc.Pereira v. Sessions and Wisconsin Central Ltd. v. United States.

On Friday the justices announced decisions in Carpenter v. United States, Currier v. Virginia, Ortiz v. United States and WesternGeco LLC v. ION Geophysical Corp.

On Monday the Supreme Court also released orders from the June 14 conference. The justices granted certiorari in five cases: Sturgeon v. Frost, Garza v. Idaho, Lorenzo v. SEC, Timbs v. Indiana and Apple v. Pepper.

On Thursday the justices also met for their June 21 conference; our list of “petitions to watch” for that conference is available in this post.

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