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Evening round-up: President nominates Gorsuch to Supreme Court

This evening President Donald Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit to the Supreme Court. Early coverage comes Amy Howe for this blog as well as Jessica Taylor of NPR; Pete Williams of NBC News; Lydia Wheeler and Jordan Fabian of The Hill; Ariane de Vogue of CNN; Julie Hirschfield David and Mark Landler of The New York Times; Lawrence Hurley and Steve Holland of Reuters; Richard Wolf of USA Today, as well as Trevor Hughes; Michael C. Bender and Brent Kendall of The Wall Street Journal, as well as Sara Randazzo, who also wrote on Gorsuch’s business opinions; Robert Barnes of The Washington Post, who also wrote on Justice Kennedy’s role and Gorsuch’s key decisions; Michael Memoli of the Los Angeles Times, as well as David Savage; Julie Pace and Mark Sherman of the Associated Press; Chris Geidner of BuzzFeed; Shane Goldmacher, Josh Gerstein and Matthew Nussbaum of Politico, as well as Jennifer Haberkorn; Greg Stohr and Joel Rosenblatt of Bloomberg; Cristian Farias of The Huffington Post; Debra Cassens Weiss of ABA Journal; Tony Mauro for; Elliot Hannon of Slate; Ed Kilgore for NY Mag; Judson Berger of Fox News, as well as Brittany De Lea; Steven Mazie of The Economist; and Daniel Fisher of Forbes.

Profiles of Judge Gorsuch come from Carrie Johnson of NPR; Adam Liptak of the New York Times; and Josh Gerstein of Politico, as well as Brent Griffiths.

Commentary on Judge Gorsuch’s confirmation process comes from Daniel Victor of the New York Times; Richard Wolf of USA Today; and Joe Palazzolo of the Wall Street Journal.

Early commentary on the nomination comes from David Leonhardt for the New York Times, as well as Neal Katyal; Richard Primus for Politico; Christina Cauterucci of Slate; Tierney Sneed of TPM; Damon Root for; Patricia Anderson Pryor for the National Law Review; Lisa Soronen for the Council of State Governments; Dylan Matthews of Vox, as well as Emily Crockett; Matt Ford of the Atlantic; Tom McKay of Mic; Steven Ertelt of LifeNews;  Ian Millhiser of ThinkProgress, who has a second post here; Stephanie Mencimer of Mother Jones; Callum Borchers for The Fix; the Boston Globe Editorial Board; Oliver Roeder and Harry Enten for FiveThirtyEight; and Ramesh Ponnuru for National Review.

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