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Another brief disruption at the Court

Five people were taken out of the Supreme Court chamber Wednesday morning after briefly shouting out slogans against the Court’s ruling on campaign finance.  They will be processed and, as Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr., warned them, they could be charged with criminal contempt of court.

As the Justices assembled on the bench, to hear two bankruptcy cases, the shouting began in the back of the courtroom: “One person, one vote! Overrule Citizens United!”

The Chief Justice calmly remarked: “You wouldn’t think a bankruptcy case would attract such attention.”  As the shouting continued, Roberts grew more serious, and commented “Oh, please!”  He then warned of a criminal contempt charge.

Others continued to speak out, but five people were quickly removed, and the Court opened the day’s session with the admission of lawyers to the Court’s Bar.

This was the second such disruption this Term, with the same kind of slogans shouted.

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