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Event announcements

On September 18, the Heritage Foundation will host a panel on recent developments in campaign finance litigation and campaign speech, featuring Floyd Abrams, Erin Murphy, Ronald Collins, and moderator Adam Liptak.  The event, which will also be streamed online, will be held at noon at 214 Massachusetts Ave. N.E. in the District of Columbia.  Registration information is available here.

On September 19, UC Hastings College of the Law will host a symposium on forum selection after last Term’s decision in Atlantic Marine Construction v. U.S. District Court.  The event will be held in the Louis B. Mayer Lounge from 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. More information about the panels and registration is available here.

On September 30, American University Washington College of Law will host its sixteenth annual preview of the upcoming Term.  The event will be held at noon at 4801 Massachusetts Ave. N.W. in the District of Columbia.  Speakers will include Ariane de Vogue of ABC News and WCL professors Amanda Frost, Steve Vladeck, and Steve Wermiel.  Registration details are available here.

From November 13-16, the Appellate Judges Education Institute and Council of Appellate Lawyers will co-sponsor a summit, hosted in Dallas, that will include panels reviewing last Term’s civil and criminal dockets, previewing this Term’s docket, and discussing circuit splits.  The event will also feature a keynote address by Justice Antonin Scalia and his co-author Bryan Garner.  The summit is open to all lawyers and judges. More information about the summit and registration is available here.

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