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Evening round-up

This morning the Court issued its decision in McCutcheon v. Federal Election Commission, holding (in an opinion by Chief Justice John Roberts) that federal aggregate limits on campaign contributions violate the First Amendment.  Lyle reported on the opinion for this blog, while Mark Walsh reported on the announcement of the decision in the courtroom.   Other early coverage comes from Nina Totenberg of NPR, Richard Wolf and Fredreka Schouten of USA Today, Lawrence Hurley of Reuters, Greg Stohr of Bloomberg News, David Savage of the Los Angeles Times, Adam Liptak of The New York Times, Robert Barnes and Matea Gold of The Washington Post, Tony Mauro of Legal Times, Sahil Kapur for Talking Points Memo, Benjamin Goad of The Hill, and Todd Ruger of Legal Times, who covers reactions to the ruling on Capitol Hill. Commentary comes from Ronald K.L. Collins (also of this blog) at Concurring Opinions, Damon Root at Reason’s Hit & Run Blog, Daniel Fisher of Forbes, Rick Hasen for Slate, Thomas Mann for the FixGov blog at Brookings, Ilya Shapiro for Cato at Liberty, Noah Feldman for Bloomberg View, Lawrence Lessig for The Daily Beast, Ian Millhiser for Think Progress, and various legal experts in a post by Ashby Jones at The Wall Street Journal’s Law Blog.

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