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Thursday round-up

In USA Today, Richard Wolf summarizes some of the big cases in the upcoming Term and suggests that the Court is “poised to tilt further to the right.”  In California Lawyer, Erwin Chemerinsky also looks at some of this Term’s high-profile cases and concludes that “[i]f this brief cross-section of the current docket is any indication, the country is in for another term loaded with important cases that touch on vital issues.”   And at the Constitutional Accountability Center’s Text and History Blog, Doug Kendall and Tom Donnelly highlight what they describe as another theme in the upcoming Term:  “the growing left/right battle over the Constitution’s original meaning.”

Other coverage focuses on Tuesday’s order list, in which the Court added eight new cases to its merits docket.  At Constitutional Law Prof Blog, Steven Schwinn discusses the grant in Harris v. Quinn, in which the Court will consider whether home health-care aides who are public employees but not members of the aides’ designated union can be required to pay union dues for union-related activities.  He contends that, “depending on how the Court might rule,” the case “could mark the beginning of the end of public unions (if the beginning hasn’t already happened).  That’s because a rule that allows non-members to dodge fees for collective bargaining and other union activities–that is, to free ride on the union–would give a strong incentive for everyone to bail out of the union.”

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