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Menu of today’s content: March 27, 2012

Lyle’s recap of this morning’s argument on the individual mandate is here.

(NEW 7:15 p.m.)  Amy’s Plain English post is here.

(NEW 7:15 p.m.) Tom’s “Tale of two great arguments” is here.

(NEW 5:41 p.m.) Kevin considers possibilities for a fifth vote in favor of the ACA here.

Individual mandate argument audio and transcript are both available.

(UPDATED 6:40 p.m.) An ongoing round-up of news coverage is here.

Tom’s initial reactions are here and here. Kevin’s reactions are here.

Amy’s initial reaction from the first half of the argument is here.

Our morning round-up of yesterday’s argument coverage is here.

(NEW 5:48 p.m .) Lyle’s post on the petition filed today in the “sequel” to Citizens United.

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