At its March 2, 2012 Conference, the Court will consider such issues as search warrants for multi-occupancy buildings, the presumption of irreparable harm due to copyright infringement, and prevailing party for attorney’s fees. This edition of “Petitions to watch” features petitions raising issues that Tom has determined to have a reasonable chance of being granted, although we post them here without consideration of whether they present appropriate vehicles in which to decide those issues.  The full list of our “Petitions to watch” for the March 2 and February 24 Conferences can be found here. Any cases that are relisted following the February 24 Conference will be added to this list once that information is available.

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Recommended Citation: Kali Borkoski, Petitions to watch: Conference of March 2, 2012, SCOTUSblog (Feb. 23, 2012, 3:00 PM),