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April arguments, day by day

The Supreme Court will conclude its oral arguments for the current Term with the major case on a state’s power to pass laws to control undocumented immigrants living in the state — Arizona v. United States (docket 11-182) — on April 25.   The Court on Friday released the April calendar, listing cases to be heard in the final scheduled sitting of October Term 2011.   This is a relatively thin calendar, with arguments heard only in the mornings; each session is limited to one hour.  The sessions begin at 10 a.m.  No other cases will be heard this Term unless something arises as an emergency.

The schedule of cases, including a brief summary of the issues at stake, follows the jump.

Mon., April 16:

11-204 — Christopher v. SmithKline Beecham Corp. — eligibility of “outside salesmen” of pharmaceutical companies for overtime pay

Tues., April 17:

11-5683 — Dorsey v. United States (and 11-5721 — Hill v. United States) — application of Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 to all those sentenced after the law was enacted (Cases consolidated for one hour of oral argument)

Wed., April 18:

11-551 — Salazar v. Ramah Navajo Chapter — duty of federal government to pay all of the contract costs when an Indian tribe performs government functions under contract, even though Congress has imposed spending limits

Mon., April 23:

11-166 — RadLAX Gateway Hotel v. Amalgamated Bank —  secured creditor’s right to bid for purchase of assets being sold under a Chapter 11 bankruptcy reorganization plan

Tues., April 24:

11-246 — Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band v. Patchak (and 11-247 — Salazar v. Patchak) — immunity of U.S. government to lawsuits challenging title to land held in trust for Indian tribes’ use for gambling casino; also standing-to-sue issue (Cases consolidated for one hour of oral argument)

Wed., April 25:

11-182 — Arizona v. United States  — constitutionality of state laws seeking to control the everyday work and movement of undocumented immigrants living within the state  (Justice Elena Kagan is recused)






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