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SCOTUSblog 4.0: Introducing our “Featured Posts”

At SCOTUSblog, we strive to provide the best content for our readers, and our new layout is designed precisely to enhance this experience. Our new “Featured Posts” category, showcased on the left side of the main page, highlights argument previews, breaking news, in-depth coverage, and other comprehensive updates of prominent interest. This is one of the most substantial changes from the old SCOTUSblog layout, which (consistent with a more traditional blog format) simply listed all updates chronologically – which, although useful, often resulted in our more extensive coverage being buried under routine updates.

Taking this into account, the new SCOTUSblog layout presents the best of both worlds. The right side of the layout mirrors the old structure: chronological updates, with posts listed in the order in which they have been published. The left side displays the three posts that we have selected as “Featured Posts” so that you can access them quickly and easily, without having to scroll through multiple pages. Clicking on the “Longer Excerpt”  link for each “featured post” will reveal more of the post, allowing a quick overview before you read the entire article. By default, we highlight three posts per side – but if you’d like to see more of the chronological content, simply select the appropriate button above the right-hand side. With this layout, we are confident that everything you might want to read on SCOTUSblog is easily navigable from the front page, with the freshest content only a click away.

“Featured Posts” are available until our newer content pushes them off the front page. Once this happens, featured posts return to their normal categories, placed chronologically. There is no unique category for Featured Posts. Rather, this new feature is just our way of highlighting the most informative, timely, and in-depth coverage of the Court for our readers.

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