This morning, the Court handed down its opinion in United States v. Stevens (08-769), striking down as overly broad a law which criminalized the creation or sale of depictions of animal cruelty.  [DISCLAIMER: Akin Gump represented the respondent in the case.]  In addition to Lyle Denniston"™s analysis, published on this blog earlier today, a number of news sources have already begun reporting on the ruling, including the following (listed below the jump):

  • The Washington Post (Robert Barnes, "Justices Cite Free Speech in Striking Down Animal-Cruelty Law");
  • The Wall Street Journal (Jess Bravin, "Supreme Court Strikes Down Prohibition on Depictions of Animal Cruelty");
  • NPR (Nina Totenberg, “Supreme Court Calls Animal Cruelty Law Too Broad”);
  • The New York Times (Adam Liptak, "Justices Void Law Banning Videos of Animal Cruelty");
  • The Blog of Legal Times (Tony Mauro, "Supreme Court Strikes Down Ban on Animal Cruelty Videos");
  • Bloomberg (Greg Stohr, "Animal "Crush Video"™ Law Voided by U.S. Supreme Court");
  • The WSJ Law Blog (Ashby Jones, "High Court Shoots Down Animal-Cruelty Law");
  • CNN (Bill Mears, "Supreme Court Strikes Down Law Banning Dogfight Videos");
  • The Associated Press (Mark Sherman, "Court Voids Law Aimed at Animal Cruelty Videos");
  • USA Today (Joan Biskupic, "Supreme Court Kills Animal Cruelty Law");
  • The Christian Science Monitor (Warren Richey, "Supreme Court Rejects Animal Cruelty Law, Upholds Free Speech");
  • Reuters (James Vicini, "Supreme Court Strikes Down Animal Cruelty Law");
  • ABC News (Ariane de Vogue, "Supreme Court Overturns Law Banning Depictions of Animal Cruelty");
  • Fox News (Lee Ross, "Court: Animal Cruelty Image Law Too Broad");
  • The BBC News ("US Court Ends Animal Cruelty Law");
  • McClatchy (via the Miami Herald) (Michael Doyle, "Supreme Court Rejects Law Banning Animal-Cruelty Videos");
  • Above the Law (David Lat, "SCOTUS Scuttles Ban on Animal Cruelty Videos");
  • JURIST (Jaclyn Belczyk, "Supreme Court Strikes Down Animal Cruelty Video Ban"); and
  • ACSBlog ("High Court Strikes Federal Law Banning Depictions of Animal Cruelty").

We"™ll have more on the media response to United States v. Stevens, as well as links to commentary on the decision, in this week"™s subsequent round-up posts.

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