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January argument calendar

The Supreme Court on Monday released the list of cases to be argued in the sitting beginning Mon., Jan. 11.  It can be found here.  There will be no afternoon arguments.  The first case of each day begins at 10 a.m.  The day-to-day list of cases on the calendar, with a summary of the issues involved, appears after the jump.

Mon., Jan. 11:

Alabama v. North Carolina (132 Original) — interstate dispute over enforcement of regional pact on disposal of radioactive wastes; responses to Special Master’s report

Briscoe v. Virginia (07-11191) — scope of crime lab analysts’ role in a criminal trial; sequel to Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts, on Sixth Amendment Confrontation Clause rights

Tue., Jan. 12:

U.S. v. Comstock (08-1224) — constitutionality of prolonged imprisonment of sex offenders after sentences completed

Abbott v. Abbott (08-645) — parents’ rights under Hague Convention on child custody

Wed., Jan. 13:

American Needle v. National Football League (08-661) — antitrust liability of pro sports leagues for joint commercial activity

Jerman v. Carlisle (08-1200) — legal error as an excuse for violation of debt collection law

Mon., Jan. 18 — Legal holiday; no arguments

Tue., Jan. 19:

Mac’s Shell Service v. Shell Oil (08-240) and Shell Oil v. Mac’s Shell Service (08-372) — franchise operators’ right to sue over non-renewal of contract; cases consolidated for one hour of argument

Granite Rock Co. v. International Brotherhood of Teamsters (08-1214) –federal courts’ authority to interpret labor union contract on arbitration

Wed., Jan. 20:

Berghuis v. Smith (08-1402) — make-up of jury pool to reflect cross-section of the community

Conkright v. Frommert (08-810) — release of workers’ claims under ERISA