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New StatPack Available

A new StatPack analyzing the opinions released through June 8 is available for download here. This includes:

For all statistic reports from OT95 onward, please see our archives on SCOTUSWiki here.
*There are 16 merits cases outstanding. Melendez-Diaz v. Massachusetts (07-591) is the only remaining case from the November conference and Coeur Alaska (07-984/07-990) is the only remaining from the January conference.

*Justice Kennedy still has only three dissents, voting with the majority in 95% of all cases and 92% of divided cases.  Of the 16 cases where the Court divided 5-4, Justice Kennedy has been in the majority in all but one: Arizona v. Gant (07-542).

*Chief Justice Roberts and Justices Stevens, Souter and Ginsburg have already exceeded their total numbers of OT07 dissenting votes.  Last year, Justices Stevens and Ginsburg each dissented 17 times;  they have so far 21 and 18, respectively. Justice Souter has 18 dissents this year and had 16 last year.  With seven votes, Chief Justice Roberts dissented the least last term; this term, he has dissented 12 times. (As a point of comparision, in OT06, he dissented eight times and in OT05, he dissented seven.)